You can install GeneBe Utils using pip:

pip install genebe

If you wish to install a faster mmh3 implementation or use the option of annotating VCF files, install using:

pip install genebe[cpp]

or install modules separately:

pip install cyvcf2
pip install mmh3

This step will require build tools installed on your computer.


There is a dockerized version of this package, available at

Usage example, reading from file input.vcf and writing output to stdout:

docker run -v input.vcf:/tmp/input.vcf --rm genebe/pygenebe:0.0.14 genebe annotate --input /tmp/input.vcf --output /dev/stdout


If you wish to annotate thousands of variants, please log in to, generate an API Key, and provide it using –username and –api-key.

The number of daily requests from a single IP is restricted to prevent abuse and excessive resource consumption on our server. Account holders with an API Key enjoy significantly higher limits (in the tens of thou